Why Should Parents Encourage Their Children to Take Up Dance Lessons?

February 14, 2018

When parents encourage their children to take up dance lessons, they are opening up the door to a lifetime of creative expression and good health through physical movement. They are also directing these youngsters' attentions to an art form that originated during the early existence of humankind and has prevailed in many innovative, artistic styles and modes ever since then. Whether your young child or teenager is attracted to Classical or Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Zumba, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre or Contemporary Dance, there is something for every child at the best modern dance schools.

Not only will your child benefit from learning the discipline of mastering different dance steps, sequences, rhythms and tempos, but your young daughter or son will also learn to dance with a partner and in groups, moving as an organized body of dancers as well as mastering individual dance performance routines. As one of the creative arts, dance is a marvelous form of expression for everyone, and when children learn to dance to rhythmic or lilting music, they become part of the joy and exuberance of this engaging and mesmerizing art form.

Why Parents Should Encourage Their Children to Take Up Dance Lessons Today

Parents should definitely encourage their young children and teenagers to take dancing lessons today for the following reasons:

  • Children Develop Grace, Poise and Self-Confidence Through Dancing. - When your young child takes dancing lessons, he or she will develop graceful movements, poise and strong feelings of self-confidence through trying, failing, trying again and then mastering new dance steps, rhythms and techniques. Your youngster will no longer have fears of failure or shortcomings after meeting new challenges at each new dance class and eventually triumphing over difficulties in learning complex dance phrases and patterns.
  • Dancing is Good Exercise and Strengthens Young Muscles and Bones. - Youngsters strengthen their growing muscles and bone structures when they take dance lessons each week on a regular schedule. By practicing dance moves and steps as well as warm-up exercises frequently, they gain stronger bodies with more agility and control. Before they realize it, these children have become much stronger and more coordinated. They will then be able to use their bodies to better advantage as they advance to higher grades of dance instruction and performance.
  • Children Who Study Dancing Develop Good Social Skills and are Considerate of Others. - Children gain good and lasting social skills and abilities when studying dancing with their peers and with children of varied ages and backgrounds. Dancing is a social art form, and many young children join social dancing groups after taking dance lessons so they can enjoy sharing this art form and skill with others in a relaxing and enjoyable social setting. Children who learn to dance in group classes also develop consideration for the feelings and wishes of others and are often more kind and thoughtful to their friends, teachers and others around them.

When you enroll your child in dance lessons at Southcoast Dance School, located in Rye and Tootgarook, you will be opening an amazing doorway to many future years of artistic enlightenment, creative expression, social awareness and better, lasting communications with others. Dancing is a marvelous art form with many intriguing facets and benefits for every youngster who enters his or her first dance class today.

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