How Dance Classes Can Help You Deal with Anxiety and Stage Fright

May 30, 2018

Dance classes can actually be of great help to you in overcoming stage fright. When you take dance lessons of all types, the movements performed to music and rhythmic patterns sets you free from any feelings of anxiety, shyness or self-consciousness. With each new step and dance sequence, you relax more and more.

As your mind becomes focused on the dance and entertains only positive, encouraging thoughts, your body relaxes more with each subsequent dance segment. At the same time, your mental mood improves, and you truly begin to enjoy the total experience of dance, free of worries and cares.

Ways in Which Dance Classes Can Enable You to Overcome Stage Fright

Many actors, musicians, singers and other performers often study different forms of dance, either to help them with their own performances or to stay limber and relaxed. However, you need not be a professional performer or be in training to become one to enjoy and gain benefits from dance. Anyone can gain much from taking dance lessons, and group as well as solo dancing can be extremely helpful in raising your levels of self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment.

Some important ways in which dance classes can help you to overcome stage fright include the following:

  1. Dancing Cures Self-Consciousness. - When you study, practice and perform dances, you will forget to be self-conscious. In fact, dancing helps you lose yourself in the experience of learning and performing movements. Instead of feeling overly conscious and aware of your own movements and gestures, you will reach out to explore open spaces with your studied or improvised motions, steps and gesturing. You will forget your inward thoughts and feelings and extend your perceptions and emotions outward, to create with dance.
  2. Dancing Makes You More Graceful. - When you dance regularly, both learning new dances and performing ones that you already know, you naturally become more graceful. You no longer feel awkward when you know you are being observed as you walk, run, gesture or dance. You are free of concerns about how you look as you strive to better some movements and delight in the progress you have made in mastering others.
  3. Dancing Helps You Gain Concern for Other People. - As you study and learn to dance, you also experience the trials of others who may be struggling to master a dance form, step or technique that you can already perform well. In reaching out and helping the other dancer or dancers to accomplish this challenge, you gain greater concern for others and for helping them to achieve their goals. This outward concern also helps you put feelings of stage fright behind you as you become very comfortable on the dance stage and on the stage of life.

By enrolling in dance classes at Southcoast Dance School with locations in Rye and Tootgarook, you will overcome all feelings of stage fright and anxiety as you study, practice and master many new, exhilarating and exciting dances.

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