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The Impact of Choreography and Music in Dancing

December 12, 2017

Dancing is a combination of various steps and movements set to music. While the dancer’s level of prowess heavily influences the quality of the dance, you should never underestimate the impact of choreography and music on it. This holds true for all dancing even when it is just for fun and not on a performance or competition level.

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Contemporary Dance Styles and Techniques

December 5, 2017

Contemporary dance styles and techniques combine the discipline, control and poise of more traditional dance forms with the free movement and spatial expansion of modern, experimental dance modes. Adults and children alike can gain fluidity of movement, greater understanding of improvisation and the freedom to express themselves individually and in groups, through dance.

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Southcoast Dance School: Helping You Set and Achieve Your Dance Goals

November 17, 2017

Setting goals when you are trying to learn a new skill motivates you to hang in there through the tough times. This holds true with all sorts of skills, including dancing. Whether you wish to make dance a career or just enjoy it for a fun activity, having expectations of the level of expertise that you wish to obtain will propel you through your learning journey.

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Why It's Never Too Late To Start Dancing

November 16, 2017

When you enjoy watching others dance, the thought may cross your mind how you would love to move with their grace and finesse. However, at the same time, you might fear that you may be too old to start dancing at this stage of your life. There is no age limit on learning how to dance since today there is a wide assortment of classes offered to adults from classical to Zumba.

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hip hop

Hip Hop Dance: From the Streets to Global Recognition

October 25, 2017

Being able to dance is probably one of the most common things listed on bucket lists for people around the country. After all, who doesn't want to roll into the club or hit the dance floor and look like they belong? Hip Hop dancing is an edgy new way to get in tune with your pop-culture self while learning great moves and getting a variety of benefits for yourself.

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Reasons Why Dancing Can Help Relieve Stress

October 19, 2017

Dancing is an ideal way to help relieve stress while stretching and flexing all your tired, cramped or neglected muscles and joints. Especially after a day or even several hours of sitting at your office or school desk while concentrating on daily work or studies, dancing can be relaxing, invigorating and inspiring.

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tap dance

Tap Dancing Classes: The History of Tap Dance

September 29, 2017

Tap is a style of dancing in which the dancer wears shoes that include metal plates on the heels and toe areas on the bottom of the shoes. The plates allow the dancers to produce distinctive, audible sounds with each dance step that they perform on a hard floor.

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History of Jazz Dance

September 19, 2017

One of the most popular dance styles is Jazz, and it is no wonder why people are attracted to it. This style of dancing has vibrant moves such as jumps, strong turns, and extended kicks that are alluring to watch, and invigorating to perform. Students of jazz get plenty of healthy exercise as they practice leaping, turning and kicking across the dance floor.

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Enhance Your Child's Natural Dance Talent with Dance Lessons and Training

August 31, 2017

Does your child have a knack for dancing? If they do, why not encourage them to develop their natural gift by enrolling them into professional dance lessons and training. There are many benefits that come with developing dancing skills, of course, there is always performing opportunities for children, but there are other benefits that parents can appreciate too.

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The Southcoast Dance School Experience: Encouraging Children to Reach Their Dreams

August 21, 2017

When you enroll your child in an innovative dance school offering a wide variety of instruction involving many different types and styles of dance, you are giving your youngster the valuable gift of exploring the world of personal expression of art and emotion through movement.

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Why Mature Adults and Seniors Should Participate in Zumba Fitness

July 31, 2017

An aging body requires exercise to stay strong, just as a young body does to develop correctly. Adults and seniors should participate in physical activities on a regular basis for this reason. One popular form of exercise today is Zumba Fitness. It combines moves from the samba, hip-hop, soca, meringue, mambo and salsa dances with lunges and squats. The following are reasons why mature adults and seniors need to join a Zumba class today.

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dance lessons

The Positive Effects of Kinder Dance Lessons for Children

July 18, 2017

Positive and lasting effects are often experienced by young children who are given kinder dance lessons to enhance their other early learning instruction. Youngsters love to move about, often finding it difficult to remain quiet and stay seated during training sessions at their kindergarten and child care centers.

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dance lessons

Health and Emotional Benefits of Taking up Dancing Lessons

June 30, 2017

Taking up dancing lessons will introduce you to a healthy, fun and fascinating art form and discipline that can keep your body limber and active for many years. Dancing also improves your natural sense of rhythm and timing, enabling you to move more swiftly and agility without straining muscles or experiencing any signs of fatigue.

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hip hop

The Edgy and Complex Beats of Hip Hop Dancing Makes it Fun to Learn

June 20, 2017

One of the most complex, but totally enjoyable kinds of dancing to learn today is the edgy, upbeat movements of Hip Hop. This modern-day popular dance mode is fun for one and all, regardless of your skill level or placement on the foot coordination learning curve.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Jazz Dancing Classes

May 31, 2017

One commonly known reason for taking up jazz dancing classes today is to gain health benefits from this enjoyable and challenging form of movement and exercise. Dance uses all your muscle groups, helping to strengthen and empower your entire body. This attractive activity also improves your cardiovascular activity and can increase your metabolic rate, enabling you to shed extra pounds and gain a sleeker, more agile body.

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Zumba Fitness Dance: What Are the Benefits?

May 17, 2017

Zumba fitness dance is a unique way to stay fit today. It combines energetic Latin dances, such as the mambo, salsa, samba and merengue, with Latin music. You can dance the session away without the fear of harsh judgment unlike that given in competitive ballroom dancing. In the sessions, you can swing your arms or kick your legs to the beat of the music, whether or not you know the correct dance steps.

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Ballet Dance History and Artistry: What Makes It Uniquely Beautiful?

April 28, 2017

Ballet is a type of theatrical or performance dance that combines music, scenery and costumes with a formal dance technique called 'the danse d'école' to tell a story. The history and the artistry of this form of dance dates back to the Italian Renaissance, which makes it one of the oldest forms of professional dance today.

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Tap Dance Facts: History and What Makes It Unique?

April 18, 2017

Tap dancing has been around in various forms for hundreds of years. There are many countries that contributed to this unique style of dancing including Africa and Ireland. It is generally a high energy form of dance that can be done solo or in groups.

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Key Qualities that a Professional Dance School Should Have

March 29, 2017

If you're looking for a dance school than you probably need to do a bit of research so that you can find the perfect fit. Budget, personal goals, school facilities, and teaching style should all be considered. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best professional dance school.

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dance school

Benefits of Enrolling in a Professional Dance School

March 23, 2017

Today, the popularity of dance is higher than ever before, thanks to television shows and other events highlighting the benefits of it. Both adults and children can learn how to express themselves in a positive, physical manner without the need for verbal communication. The best way to learn this activity in the proper way is to enroll in a professional dance school.

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