5 tap dance facts that every student should know

June 8, 2018

There are many important technical and stylistic facts that all serious tap dance students should learn if they are serious about this captivating form of dance. There are also many historical, cultural and social facts concerning the art and practice of tap dance. Yet, some of the most influential dance facts that may have the greatest day to day effect on many long-term tap dance enthusiasts are ones that have strong emotional or personal significance and meaning.

After all, dancing is a dramatic, emotional and often very personal art form, even when it involves large groups of dancers. Some dancers find that humor-edged facts can have surprisingly strong and lasting meaning or impact as well.

Five Tap Dance Facts That Every Student Should and Most Likely Does Know

Five personal tap dance facts that every serious student should and probably does know include the following:

  1. Your Tap Shoes Are Like Younger Siblings or Relatives. - Your tap shoes are like your younger siblings or relatives who you will always protect, at all costs. They can never be too near, and there are days when you simply cannot let them out of your sight. If one becomes damaged, you feel like you have just suffered a personal injury. If one should become lost, you feel as anxious as you would if your best life-long friend suddenly disappeared.
  2. Black and Blue Ankles Will Not Distress You. - If the sides of your ankles are black and blue form missing a sizable number of heel clicks, this will not distress you. Even if you have a passion for high fashion and like to wear stylish outfits at every opportunity, you will not be disturbed over the look of multiple ankle injuries. After all, tap dancing as a highly fashionable dance form supersedes such trademarks acquired while learning the clicks of the trade.
  3. Marley Dance Floors Are Forever Unpopular with Tap Dancers. - Marley dance floors have low popularity among tap dancers for a very good reason. Today's dance performing surfaces composed of sheet vinyl are often called Marley floors since they have similarities to the reversible floors of vinyl made until 1978 by Marley Floors Ltd. This type of flooring is known to muffle or even mute those marvelous tapping sounds so essential to experiencing the rhythmic art of tap dancing.
  4. Supermarkets are Ideal Places for Practicing Tap Dancing. - If you live near a large grocery store or shopping centre supermarket, this is the best place to practice all your tap combinations. Especially if these stores are 24-hour establishments, you can shop late at night when there are plenty of empty spaces for attempting to perfect your time-steps, pullbacks and buffaloes. The long, empty aisles allow for errors in distance calculations while dancing, so even beginning tap students can avoid kicking over tall stacks of bottled foods and beverages.
  5. A Tap Dancer's True Love is Their Tap Dancing Shoes - All serious tap dancers have experienced the true love of their art form, which will endure endlessly. For this reason, these dedicated dancers' significant others may have to fight ardently for a vital place in their partners' hearts.

When you enroll in tap dancing classes at our excellent Southcoast Dance School with locations in Rye and Tootgarook, you will receive finest quality instruction and encouragement in learning and appreciating the art of tap dance. While improving your knowledge, understanding, skills and performance of this challenging and enthralling form of dance, you will learn many tap dance facts, including some edged with strong personal meaning, significance and humor.

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