How Ballet Dancing Can Teach Dancers Proper Body Discipline

June 27, 2018

Ballet dancing is known for instilling the principles and practices of proper body discipline in young dancers from their first days of dance classes. Because ballet dancing requires precision postures, balances and timing, dancers learn the best ways in which to train their muscles to hold positions and gestures for longer periods of time than many other forms of dance require.

Due to the strenuous exercises and repetitive practice required to advance in the skill, understanding and performance of ballet, students develop strong, pliable and resilient muscles and responsive bodies that are sensitive to the most subtle and the most dynamic movements needed for high degrees of excellence in their dance performance.

How Ballet Dancing Can Teach Dancers Proper Body Discipline

Ballet dancing teaches dance students proper body disciplines for achieving required movements, postures and gestures for good quality dance performance in the following ways:

  • Daily Exercise of the Skeletal-Muscular System. - Ballet requires the daily exercising of your entire skeletal-muscular system. As a student of ballet, you must perform stretches, exercises and muscle-development movements that will strengthen all your muscles while promoting agile and flexible, smooth movements and gestures. With this type of muscular development, you will be better prepared to form and hold difficult postures while performing dance sequences and complete ballet dances.
  • Practice of Slow Muscle Contractions and Releases. - By practicing slow muscular contractions and releases every day during your ballet classes and practice sessions, you will develop the type of body strength and stamina needed to perform more strenuous and demanding dance phrases and segments. You will acquire the steady energy reserves, physical poise and mental focus to deliver quality dance movements and master difficult dance passages with greater ease and self-assurance than you had earlier.
  • Total Post-Practice Bodily Relaxation. - As a developing ballet student, you will learn the vital importance of total bodily relaxation techniques performed after each daily dance lesson, rehearsal or practice session. Because the art of ballet dancing requires great muscular strength, use and control, you must always reward and nurture your body with times of complete rest, relaxation and rejuvenation following each strenuous ballet class, practice or performance session.

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