The Advantages of Starting Young When Taking Up Dance Lessons

January 25, 2018

When you take your first dance lesson at three to six years of age, you are starting along a creative, disciplined and exhilarating path that can bring you a lifetime of good physical health, lasting social friendships and the joys of artistic, rewarding activity and performance. Young children who start dancing in classes on a regular schedule gain the valuable benefits of learning rhythms, dance sequences and partnering, all of which promote good physical coordination, mental focus and communications skills to interact with their peers. These youngsters also develop their abilities to listen, absorb information and dance at progressively higher levels of understanding and achievement. They acquire greater patience and tolerance when interacting with other children in group dancing.

Major Advantages of Taking Up Dance Lessons at a Young Age

Important benefits of starting to study different dance forms in regular classes at an early age as a child include the following:

  • Kinder Dance Classes. - These classes are designed to inspire and intrigue your small child to pursue and enjoy the fun and freedom of natural dance movements. Children learn to move freely and enjoy the exhilaration of sharing relaxed, free expression through movement. They also learn to participate in group dance, reacting with other young children as they step, glide and twirl around the dance floor together, often dressed in Colourful Ribbon or Fairy Wing costumes. These youthful dancers also learn to play musical instruments while using their creative imaginations to enjoy the beginning fun of free-form movements in improvisational dance.
  • Jazz Dance Classes. - Even very small children can gain coordination and rhythm skills when they take beginning Jazz Dance lessons. This often high-spirited style of popular dance features turns, jumps, kicks and varied fast and slow tempos that improve youngsters' muscular strength, flexibility and stamina. Especially since these classes all start with stretches and isolated movements as warm-up exercises, your child will become physically stronger, fit and capable of learning, practicing and performing Jazz Dance routines that exhibit the skills, rhythmic mastery, poise and self-confidence with which these dance lessons will reward them.
  • Contemporary Dance Classes. - Children will progress easily from Kinder Dance lessons to Contemporary Dance classes, which will strengthen your child's grasp and use of technique along with the confidence to be comfortable with a sense of natural release of inhibitions that promotes individual free expression through dance. During these lessons, children are guided toward using larger body movements and gestures as they gain awareness of their own unique capabilities for performing free dance patterns and expressions. Each successive class session encourages use of new dance forms, patterns, shapes and floor space as the children move individually and in groups during freely expressed modern dance.

By enrolling your young child in the innovative lessons offered at Southcoast Dance School with locations in Rye and Tootgarook, you will be giving your youngster a valuable gift that will ensure your child of valuable benefits for a lifetime. These classes are designed to instill in each child the understanding and abilities to learn and perform inspiring and creative dance styles, steps and patterns with progressively advanced movement skills while learning to dance with confidence. While developing greater performance abilities, your child will also gain the great gift of learning to exhibit the joys and sensibilities of artistic movement with individual skill and character while sharing the joys of dance with others.

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