Dance Therapy: The Healing Power of Dancing

May 11, 2018

The artistic movements of dance can also have very powerful therapeutic and healing effects on individuals of all ages today. Dance therapy is based on the unifying of physical movements and mental perceptions of the client or patient as dancer of these movements. Effective dance therapy is successful in improving the physical, cognitive, emotional and socio-cultural functional capacities of the client as dancer.

Professional dance therapists integrate specific elements and features of dances with creative cognitive and emotional processes along with scientific and psychological theories and practices in their therapy sessions. This strong effort toward the integration of disciplines is for the purpose of assisting individuals and groups in achieving necessary balances among all working systems of the mind and body for healthy levels of healing to take place.

The Inspiring and Empowering Healing Capacity of Dancing and Dance Therapy

The most successful dance therapists are often also professional or well experienced dancers. Many dancers enjoy excellent careers while they are young and then move on to teaching dance classes or accepting positions as instructors, dance specialists and professors of dance in high schools, colleges and universities. Others may open their own dance academies and offer dance lessons to children, teens and adults in their local communities.

There are other dancers who choose to take courses or pursue college degrees in the subject of dance therapy. These graduating dance therapists have deep affinities with the art of dance and understand its many amazing and beneficial effects on everyone who dances. Different ways in which dance therapy sessions led by these professional dancers and therapists can provide empowering healing and health-promoting effects on clients and patients today include the following:

  • Unifying Clients' Thoughts, Impulses and Physical Responses. - Expert dance therapists are skilled in helping their clients and patients unify cognitive thoughts, emotional impulses and the intended physical responses into one direct and meaningful action as the result. All three processes work together as a cohesive, coordinated dance step along life's path and purpose.
  • Instilling New Confidence in Clients Who Embrace Dance. - When these dedicated dancer-therapists teach dance patterns, steps and movement segments to their clients, they are able to embody these students with greater levels of self-esteem and confidence. By showing these clients a new means of creative and personal expression through the art of dance, they also instill in these dance students the strong will to combine all of their energy, focus and abilities in performing complete gestures, movements and forms to create cohesive artistic expressions as unified statements in dance.
  • Providing a Social Learning Experience in Group Therapy. - In group dance therapy sessions, talented and experienced dance therapists provide a comfortable and warm, inviting atmosphere in which their clients feel at ease to join together in dance. These students enjoy the social aspects of dancing together as partners and in groups, expressing the manifestation of their coordinated mental, emotional and physical expressions as a paired unit or closely-knit group. Communications with others become more natural, satisfying and enjoyable for all.

The excellent leaders, teachers and active dancers at Southcoast Dance School located in Rye and Tootgarook can provide parents and dancers of all ages with valuable information about fine quality dance therapists and programs throughout their local vicinities and beyond. These top-tier dancers and teachers are glad to share their experienced knowledge and understanding of the many valuable aspects of creative dance as empowering therapy as well as vital elements of an art form of great beauty, power and grace.

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