How Ballet Dancing Can Teach Dancers Proper Body Discipline

June 26, 2018

Ballet dancing is known for instilling the principles and practices of proper body discipline in young dancers from their first days of dance classes. Because ballet dancing requires precision postures, balances and timing, dancers learn the best ways in which to train their muscles to hold positions and gestures for longer periods of time than many other forms of dance require.

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5 tap dance facts that every student should know

June 8, 2018

There are many important technical and stylistic facts that all serious tap dance students should learn if they are serious about this captivating form of dance. There are also many historical, cultural and social facts concerning the art and practice of tap dance. Yet, some of the most influential dance facts that may have the greatest day to day effect on many long-term tap dance enthusiasts are ones that have strong emotional or personal significance and meaning.

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How Dance Classes Can Help You Deal with Anxiety and Stage Fright

May 30, 2018

Dance classes can actually be of great help to you in overcoming stage fright. When you take dance lessons of all types, the movements performed to music and rhythmic patterns sets you free from any feelings of anxiety, shyness or self-consciousness. With each new step and dance sequence, you relax more and more.

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Dance Therapy: The Healing Power of Dancing

May 11, 2018

The artistic movements of dance can also have very powerful therapeutic and healing effects on individuals of all ages today. Dance therapy is based on the unifying of physical movements and mental perceptions of the client or patient as dancer of these movements. Effective dance therapy is successful in improving the physical, cognitive, emotional and socio-cultural functional capacities of the client as dancer.

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Why You Should Not Be Scared to Take Up Dancing Lessons?

April 30, 2018

You really should not be the least bit scared to take up dance lessons. Even if you have never taken dance lessons before and feel somewhat apprehensive about starting to learn to dance now, there is truly no reason to be worried, frightened or nervous about opening this healthy, creative and enjoyable door to new experiences now.

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How Dance Schools and Professional Training Can Help Develop Dancer Flexibility

April 18, 2018

Without the proper level of flexibility, a dancer would move stiffly across the stage or dance floor instead smoothly and/or gracefully. By attending dance schools and professional training sessions, dancers can increase their flexibility and maintain at the right level to perform their specific type of dance with ease. We discuss the reasons why this type of training helps with flexibility in the following details.

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Different Ballet Techniques that Every Ballerina Should Know

March 29, 2018

There are several different major types of training methodology for teaching ballet as an art form. Every method has a distinctive style and presentation while helping to develop outstanding ballerinas and danseurs (male ballet dancers). Some ballet teachers like to combine elements of several different types of ballet training methods to form a unique teaching and learning approach for ballet.

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What is Contemporary Dance?

March 20, 2018

Contemporary dance is a highly individual and creative dance form that balances the essential elements of technique with the understanding of rhythm, form, flexibility and a wonderful sense of free release in movement.

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Taking Up Dance Lessons Can Help Boost Your Child's Social Connections and Skills

February 28, 2018

One responsibility all parents should take seriously is teaching their children to be socially comfortable in their lives. In order to accomplish this with your child, you must expose him or her to different settings that teach the right skills, build self-confidence and help them develop personal relationships.

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Why Should Parents Encourage Their Children to Take Up Dance Lessons?

February 14, 2018

When parents encourage their children to take up dance lessons, they are opening up the door to a lifetime of creative expression and good health through physical movement. They are also directing these youngsters' attentions to an art form that originated during the early existence of humankind and has prevailed in many innovative, artistic styles and modes ever since then.

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Tips on How to Become a Successful Professional Ballet Dancer

January 30, 2018

Many people think that it must take much excellent advice and valuable expert tips from top figures in the ballet world in order for young aspiring dancers to become successful professional ballet dancers today. Of course, everyone knows that becoming a ballet dancer of any level of performance requires many hours and years of instruction and practice.

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The Advantages of Starting Young When Taking Up Dance Lessons

January 25, 2018

When you take your first dance lesson at three to six years of age, you are starting along a creative, disciplined and exhilarating path that can bring you a lifetime of good physical health, lasting social friendships and the joys of artistic, rewarding activity and performance.

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